Author: Antonio Goncalves

Hi Bartłomiej, tell us who you are and what lead you into microservices? I am a software engineer, passionate about OOP, Microservices and software architecture in general. I am also a speaker and DZone’s Most Valuable Blogger. These were both my passion and a will to develop my skills that lead me into microservices over […]

Bartłomiej Słota
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 Let me introduce Voxxed Days Microservices! Yes, you’ve heard me: a two full days conference (+1 optional workshop day) just on Microservices. Why? Everything needs to start with a “Why”. So let me explain why I’ve created Voxxed Days Microservices. I’ve started working in the IT industry a long time ago. In 1998 I joined […]

Voxxed Days Microservices
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