Hi Julien, tell us who you are and what lead you into microservices?

Hello everyone! I’m currently a developer advocate at Microsoft, focusing on Java on Azure. I’m mostly known for leading the JHipster project, but I’ve been a Java developer for more than 20 years, and I have a very broad experience on the platform. Over the years, I have worked for many customers, probably spoke at more than 100 conferences, wrote a book on Spring, and was even nominated a Java Champion!

I started using microservices both as a need for a previous customer, and also because I wanted to implement them on JHipster. In the end, my customer used JHipster to generate his whole stack, and we then had hundreds of projects that started to do the same, thanks to the magic of Open Source.


 What will you be talking about at Voxxed Days Microservices? 

The main goal of this talk is to show what I have learned through the years, thanks to our many JHipster users, about deploying Spring Boot microservices.

We’ll use some sample microservices to explain how service discovery, monitoring, load balancing should all work together, and detail the main options that are available for developers and architects. We’ll talk about best practices and pitfalls from a Spring Boot user perspective (and not just JHipster!), and see how Azure can help you achieve faster and easier microservices deployment. 


Julien, you come from a Spring and JHipster background and know different cloud providers. What are the main differentiator of these providers when it comes to deploy Spring Boot microservices ? 

The magic of Spring is that it should make it easy to run your applications on all major cloud providers! Then, the main differentiators for me are the provided support options, the third-party services available, the developer and production tooling, and of course the size and regional distribution of the cloud… On all those points, I believe the 3 major cloud providers (Azure, AWS and GCP) all have excellent track records. Then, we’ll detail during my talk what specific benefits you can get from Azure, including some not-announced-yet offers and services that I believe will be game changers for deploying microservices on Microsoft’s cloud.


Good, see you soon then 

Thanks a lot! I’m excited to come to Voxxed Microservices and meet everyone.


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My contact information 

Twitter: @juliendubois

Blog: https://dev.to/jdubois

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/juliendubois/

GitHub: https://github.com/jdubois