Tamas Gelesz
EPAM Systems
Tamás is an experienced Solution Architect who works on state-of-the-art software engineering projects.He has a background of 15+ years in agile software development in the roles of developer, team leader and mentor.He has comprehensive knowledge of current architecture design and software engineering approaches, while his focus areas include: cloud, web, microservices, Java, API management, event streaming and analytics.
The talk details a case study about an architecture assessment done for a large enterprise. Initial focus is on evaluating their event-driven microservices architecture using structural analysis based on source code and interviews. As a second step the assessor created a reference design using domain-driven design, which was compared to the existing architecture.
In addition, several other architectural qualities were examined. The outcome is a set of uncovered issues and an action plan and a set of takeaways for the audience.
From the talk you will learn methods to build up an architecture assessment framework fitting the actual needs of the enterprise and to how to execute it with quantifiable, traceable results.