Nikhil Barthwal
Unity 3D
Nikhil Barthwal is passionate about building distributed systems. He has several years of work experience in both big companies & smaller startups and also acts as a mentor to several startups. Outside of work, he speaks at international conferences on several topics related to Distributed systems & Programming Languages. You can know more about him via his homepage

Traditional CI/CD systems have not been designed for cloud native environments and need to evolve. Cloud Native CI/CD presents unique challenges like support for first class support for Microservices in containers, Dynamic orchestration with optimized resource utilization and continuous delivery mechanism. Common benefits for using Cloud native CI CD are:

  • Use of containers for Reproducibility.
  • Dynamic orchestration for reliability.
  • Serverless resource utilization for reduced costs.
  • Conformant APIs for portability.

Most of the traditional CI/CD systems were originally designed for scenarios where artifacts are being generated for deployment on virtual machines. They use fixed build agents which are hard to scale. Support for dynamic orchestration platforms like Kubernetes is not natively built-in. This provides less than ideal support for cloud native CI/CD scenarios.

This talk is about the benefits and unique challenges of cloud native CI/CD and how to address them. Finally various open-source cloud native tools like Tekton project, Argo CD, Jenkins X are presented and a comparison is drawn among them.