Christos Manios
Software engineer in PRODYNA, Kubernetes trainer, curious about anything that can be improved. Currently focused on building microservices and REST APIs with Spring and Spring Boot.
Using a distributed version control system such as Git in development teams can become challenging. A team grows and gets geographically distributed. People from different companies, countries, cultures contribute to the same repository. This necessitates established rules which verify that a Git repository (or more) is/are correctly used and achieve proper team collaboration and productivity.
In this quick talk we will describe simple topics that we might bypass as we progress in our everyday routine but are essential in order to set up and work inside a functional development team. Discussing them from the beginning can help the team prevent trouble as it grows/shrinks or as it collaborates with other teams.
Git commit message structure, branching, commit hooks, merge strategies, pull/merge request challenges are some simple examples. Why git rebase helps and how much time will you save if you use it? Also we will mention some ways to reduce repository size and garbage collect unused data.