Apostolos Chatzidandis
Currently working as a Senior Full stack Java Developer. Over the past 15 years I have worked for several smaller and larger companies. My interests include but are not limited to Java technologies, databases and the fintech business world. I strongly believe in team power and in the past, I have worked as mentor, team leader and consulting specialist.
In modern application development many people almost take for granted the use of language frameworks for the well documented benefits they offer. However, this decision may not be so straightforward when it comes to legacy systems. There are several parameters that need to be examined where a cost/benefit analysis is the most important one. Together, we will examine how we survive the modern world without using a database framework for one of our largest web applications, what are the benefits we have and how maintainable is at the end. Remember! In programming we always question our decisions. So, make a decision and make it right.