Athanasios Lelis
 Thanos is a software engineer specialized in various applications, from web development, embedded systems and IoT to NLP with Python and C#. Currently he is working as a software engineer in Onelity, on the automated monitoring of a large IoT ecosystem, while his previous focus mainly lies on the domains of visual computing and NLP. Thanos is a machine learning enthusiast and he spends time in discovering the latest advancements of AI and its applications.
The introduction of OpenAI's ChatGPT rendered the excitement around artificial intelligence to be anything but artificial. AI has transcended the realm of theoretical innovation to offer tangible utility for a variety of applications. While briefly outlining its inception within the domain of text generation, this presentation aims to illuminate the extensive capabilities that ChatGPT offers to developers. Starting with the multitude of advantages it provides to developers, our exploration moves onto the chatbot's shortcomings and limitations and concludes with propositions on its employment as a supplementary tool that works catalytically towards the advancement of developers from all levels.