Ivan Dubashinskii
T-Digital by Deutsche Telekom
Ivan is fueled by a deep passion for creating and building.His professional journey commenced in the banking automation domain. Today he takes pride in his role as the Lead Expert Software Engineer at T-Digital by Deutsche Telekom, Thessaloniki. Throughout his career, he has harnessed a diverse set of technologies and programming languages to breathe life into software.Currently, he is working as a full-stack web developer and his core focus centres around Java, PL/SQL, and JavaScript. In recent years, he has been dedicated to a project built on Oracle Application Express, an enterprise low-code application platform.
In ancient times, we used site constructors and content management systems. A few years ago, low-code and no-code platforms were shouting that you could craft your own Twitter/Airbnb/Uber in just a few clicks, and coders were losing their monopoly on software creation. In recent months, we encountered anxiety with AI-powered code generation taking the stage. It seems that software developers won't disappear, but how software engineering can be transformed in the years ahead is a question. This presentation is about the potential shapes of what web development will look like.