Alexis Panousis
Agile Actors
An entrepreneurial executive leader with experience in maximizing the potentials of distributed teams. Extensive experience in software design and agile delivery of products and services from initiation, to development, release and support. A huge fan of coaching and mentoring professionals and a strong believer that organisations need to invest in talented juniors.Conducting hands on training courses on Java / Spring / Docker / Microservices etc. and of course coding!!
In the ever-evolving landscape of the technology industry, the demand for skilled professionals is incessantly on the rise. At Agile Actors, we foster a culture of continuous growth and continuous development via our 3 main pillars; continuous coaching, continuous learning and practice. 
At the core of the Agile Actors Experience is a commitment to continuous feedback, a practice that forms the cornerstone of the coaching model. Tech professionals engage in a feedback-rich environment where constructive insights from their peers, and self-assessment are seamlessly integrated into their learning journey and the charting of their personalized development plan towards growth. 
The Agile Actors Experience stands as a transformative approach to the development of tech professionals. By combining a bespoke coaching model and a continuous feedback culture with real-world project engagement, we foster an environment where continuous growth is not just an aspiration but a tangible reality.