Tasos Valsamidis
Kaizen Gaming
Tasos is Principal Engineer II at Kaizen Gaming. He has been programming for the last 20 years and has written code from function block diagrams for industrial automation to C for microcontrollers. His interests include large concurrent systems and he is a big proponent of ubiquitous and proper observability. For the last 5 years he is helping Kaizen Gaming scale its operations and adopt a cloud-first strategy.
The GameTech industry has some very distinctive characteristics. Highly bursty traffic, that is focused mostly around the ending of sports games and is centered around the customer. For Kaizen Gaming there is another unwritten rule that says that a spike we see today will be the norm in a short amount of time. We are going to see how the actor model can help with accommodating such workload and why Orleans was chosen as the framework that would help us scale to 500k concurrent customers.