Philip Burns
Allwyn Lottery Solutions
Philip Burns is a Principal Software Architect working for Allwyn Lottery Solutions. He has been a keen software engineer/architect for over 12 years, with a passion for designing and developing clean and pragmatic web-based solutions using a variety of languages, with a specialism in back-end Java and Spring-based services. He loves problem-solving, designing practical and reusable solutions, and bringing those designs to life. He once survived for 3 days marooned on a desert island in the Pacific, but that's the subject of another talk...
What does it take to win a billion dollars? Speakers Philip Burns and Max Panas from Allwyn Lottery Solutions will be running us through the technology that drives Lottery systems around the world, to give us a behind-the-scenes look at these big-money systems and how they operate; from the retail systems which fuel in-store purchases, the back-end software architecture that drives online sales, to the front-end technologies serving up the websites and apps that millions of users interact with to purchase and play these life-changing games.