Welcome to the Reactive Revolution: RSocket and Spring Cloud Gateway

As more applications are experiencing the benefits of using a reactive programming model, one of the biggest problems they experience is the mismatch between Reactive Stream back pressure and current networking protocols. The RSocket protocol enables Reactive Streams back pressure to be transmitted across a network link connecting reactive flows in multiple applications to directly affect one another in a positive way. In addition to introducing the RSocket protocol and how to use it, this talk will show integration with Spring Cloud Gateway and how it, combined with RScocket, can create a type of messaging gateway.

Main language English Proposal
Audience level Intermediate
Type of presentation Slides and code

Spencer Gibb

Spencer Gibb is a Principal Software Engineer for Pivotal, Inc.
His interests include distributed systems, jvm languages, web services frameworks, message-driven architectures and making software development simpler. He loves to create software to solve a pain point, such as creating a tool to automate workstation setup in his free time.
At Pivotal he is the co-founder and co-lead of the Spring Cloud Core projects.

Blog https://gibb.tech
Company Pivotal, Inc