Hi Robin, tell us who you are and what lead you into microservices?

I’m a Developer Advocate at Confluent, who are one of the companies that contribute to the open source Apache Kafka project. I got interested in Kafka and microservices from a background in data and analytics. I think being able to model, store, and process data as a stream of events is really powerful and it’s exciting to have the opportunity to share this with the Voxxed crowd.


What will you be talking about at Voxxed Days Microservices? 

I’ll be talking about a really important part of Kafka, called Kafka Connect. It gives developers the ability to do streaming integration between systems both in and out of Kafka. It’s just JSON configuration to use, no code, and handles all the tricky stuff for you like scale-out, restarts, fail-over, schemas, and more.

Kafka Connect is about streaming data between Kafka and other systems. How would you use Kafka Connect in a Microservice architecture ? Would it make sense to have it between Microservices ?

Absolutely you would use it in a microservices architecture. For example, you may have a service that is driven by events in an application elsewhere that are peristed to a database. Kafka Connect can stream all the events from a database into a Kafka topic with very low latency. Kafka Connect is also a great fit where you have services generating data that you want to stream elsewhere, such as into Elasticsearch, MongoDB, etc. 


Good, see you soon then 

I’m looking forward to it!


@apachekafka (does this count as a hashtag? 🙂 

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My contact information

Twitter: @rmoff

Blog: https://rmoff.net

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