Hi Alain, tell us who you are and what lead you into microservices?

I am a Technical Architect and Entrepreneur. I am also a GDE Cloud (Google Developer Expert) 

I’ve spent 10 years in Silicon Valley working for startups and larger companies, with the particularity of having one foot in software development and the other in linux system administration long before DevOps. 

Today I’m specialized in Kubernetes and the Google Cloud Platform. I work as a consultant to help companies move to those platforms and be more efficient with them (architecture design, development, audit, training…).


What will you be talking about at Voxxed Days Microservices? 

I will talk about how to build a microservices based application on Kubernetes and how to leverage some of Kubernetes key features (service discovery, redundancy, scaling, autohealing…) I will include tips and feedback from real life examples.


Each time someone mentions Microservices, Kubernetes is involved. Can’t we have a microservice architecture without Kubernetes ? Even for small applications ? Do we always need it ?

Of course, you can have a microservice architecture without Kubernetes. But today if you use Kubernetes, and do it correctly, I believe you will be much more productive, more efficient and you will make your life easier as a developer. Something most developers are looking for… 🙂


Twitter: https://twitter.com/altolabs

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/alainregnier/


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