Easy Microservices in the cloud with Kubernetes and Istio

Microservices are a powerful method to build a scalable and agile backend, but managing these services is a nightmare. Once developed, the process of building, deploying, service discovery, load balancing, routing, tracing, auth, graceful failures, rate limits, and more are cumbersome and involves many moving parts.

Kubernetes and Istio provide a solution for many of the problems above. With them becoming a de-facto standard for the containers and microservices.

Let us see how to use Kubernetes and Istio service mesh to simplify many of the operational challenges of microservices, including an in-depth live demo showcasing how easy it is to create and develop microservices with JHipster and deploying them into Kubernetes cluster with Istio service mesh.

With yaml’s invading the developers’ life, let us also take a look into how to effectively create Kubernetes template and few best practices.

Main language English Proposal
Audience level Beginner & novice
Type of presentation Slides and code

Sendil Kumar

Sendil is a full-stack developer working on DevOps products at Xebialabs. He has 9+ years of experience in end to end software architecting. He is passionate about open source and crazy enough to contribute to many of them in his free time. He likes to explore, learn new programming languages, traveling, and coffee.

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