Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Cloud Skills Challenge

How to participate? 

We couldn’t be more thankful and excited for this collaboration! 

Microsoft is bringing unified learning & gamified experience to the participants of Voxxed Days Athens conference. They offer you a pre-defined collection of learning modules for Azure Cloud Native App development which will help you expand your skillset, compete with your peers, and win the prize.

Instructions & Information for Participants:

  1. Only those who will attend the conference have the right to participate to the challenge
  2. Register today using this link
  3. You’ll need a Microsoft Learn profile to participate. Please follow the instructions during the challenge registration if you do not yet have one
  4. Use the same name and surname under which the ticket was purchased
  5. Ensure that you have an email for notifications saved in your Microsoft Learn profile
  6. Challenge starts on August 26, 2022 and ends on September 26, 2022

➜ Complete Microsoft Learn modules within this Challenge to compete against others, expand your skillset and WIN the prize ? XBOX series X  ?

Think you’re up to the task?  Looking forward to seeing you on the leaderboard!

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