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Fabian Gosebrink

Offering Solutions Software GmbH

Fabian Gosebrink is Microsoft MVP, Google Developer Expert. Pluralsight author and Angular & ASP.NET Core web developer. As a software engineer, consultant, speaker and trainer, he supports customers building web applications with more than 10 years of experience. Fabian is very active in the community such as leading the swiss angular community „SwissAngular“, the .NET user group in Zurich, leading the largest german speaking C#-Community (mycsharp.de), being an egghead and Pluralsight trainer as well as running his own company Offering Solutions Software with a course and learning platform https://developer-academy.ch and is speaking at local user groups and international conferences.

Business Architecture with Angular Libraries, NX and Monorepos

Modern Web

Angular is a great tool for creating applications with a big architecture in mind. It comes with benefits like Testing, Dependency Injection or Http Communication out of the box. But when your application grows and enlarges often a single Angular application comes unhandy and developer seem to lose the focus on where to put which feature. And after managing Angular's learning curve designing shared features or loosely couples fragments while developing an app seems to be a challenge still because having everything in one app seems not to be a well-structured architecture.

In this talk Fabian Gosebrink will explain the power of Angular's architectural features and push them to the edge where the extraction of libraries and creating a complete workspace with tools like NX can safe you and help you to write clean large Angular applications, lovely shareable features and gets your Angular business application back into shape again. Because large angular apps don't have to be difficult to maintain.

Scheduled on Tuesday from 16:05 to 16:50 in Room 7