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March 9th, 2021, Zurich

Voxxed Days Zurich returns for the 5th time to Sihlcity Cinema.

Conference will start in


Voxxed Days Zurich 2021


Target date: Tuesday, March 9th, 2021!

Voxxed Days Zürich 2020 has been cancelled due to the Coronavirus but we are already planning the next edition as soon as it will be possible. Current target date is March 9th, 2020. We will monitor how the situation evolves and we’ll keep you updated.

We got a lot of message and support from developers asking us to organize a physical event and we think this is an important network day for all of us. We are ready to start again

The 4th edition of Voxxed Days Zürich in 2019 attracted 517 attendees who came together to meet and listen to fantastic content. Get a feel for it and watch the VDZ19 videos on YouTube.

Special thanks goes to our amazing Program Committee and speakers for this success. You can see feedback and comments on Twitter and get updates on Voxxed Days Zürich 2021 by following us @VoxxedZurich.

What's On?


Inspiring and thought provoking, keynotes are delivered by respected industry leaders at the open and close of the day.


45 minute sessions on a range of different technologies, practices and methodologies.

Byte Size

20 minute sessions designed for speakers to give a quickfire view of a particular subject.


Java Language, Java SE, JDK, performance tuning, modularity, etc…

Cloud, Terraform, Ansible, Kubernetes, Docker, Istio, PaaS and Serverless.

Big Data, Fast Data, NoSQL, Machine learning, Deep Learning, Neural Networks, TensorFlow, etc.

Web frameworks, performance and accessibility, languages and tooling to build modern browser apps.

Developer candy: stuff we want to know about but don’t (generally) do at work – robotics, biological computing, cybernetics, AI, new toys & tomorrows world.

Other languages running on the JVM, functional, mobile and emerging languages. The tools, libraries and best practices.

Java EE, Jakarta EE, EE4J, Spring, appservers, databases, MOM, batch processing & related JSRs.

How-Tos, strategies, tools, techniques and best practices for getting architecture right.

Software development methodologies, developer culture and related subjects.

Encryption, defensive practices, tools and technologies to be secure.


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Call For Speakers

We will open the CFP 4 months before the event


A huge thank you to these amazing companies, who help us make the event a brilliant experience for all.

Friends of VDZ

Friends of VDZ are meetups or not-for-profit associations that support the event in multiple ways.

Diversity & Inclusion Supporters

Each time a company pays for a speaker’s T&L expenses for the conference, VDZ offers 1 free ticket to a not-for-profit association that helps to improve inclusion and increase diversity. Here is the list of companies that are supporting this initiative.

Who we are

For the last 5 years we have worked with Swiss meetups and local experts to bring you the best developer conference in Zürich

Federico Yankelevich
Patrick Baumgartner
Amrita Prasad
Katharine Beaumont
Gion Kunz
Sombra Gonzáles
Celestino Bellone
Madlaina Kalunder
Sylvain Jermini
Marcus Fihlon
Andres Almiray
Mario Fusco
Mirco Dotta
Mahmoud Fadel
Philipp Oser