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Etienne Dysli Metref


Etienne is a passionate software engineer, driving code with tests and automating everything that comes near. He works for SWITCH and puts his experience into improving and running SWITCH edu-ID, the persistent identity for accessing academic services. He also contributes to various open-source projects. Besides the digital world, Etienne enjoys playing games, woodworking, painting miniatures (for said games, of course), and embarking on the next crazy idea.

Application behaviour: exposed -- Delight everyone with insightful dashboards

Cloud, Containers & Infrastructure

What's your application doing when you're not looking? It produces usage data that's just there, waiting to be brought to light!
In this talk, we'll explore multi-dimensional monitoring tools and how they help us make sense of application metrics from an operational view as well as from a business perspective. We'll see how simple integrations like metrics from a Spring Boot application collected by Prometheus and visualised with Grafana can net you quick insights into what happens in production. Adding your own metrics is now easier with Micrometer, this allows us to measure what the business cares about and help inform their decision.
Instrument your code and run that dashboard you've been dreaming of!

Scheduled on Tuesday from 16:05 to 16:50 in Room2