The latest version of React introduced React Server Components (RSC). 
React Server Components have the potential to revolutionize modern web development.
At the same time they are currently a controversial and mostly misunderstood technology:
As backend developers, when we look at React Server Components we get the impression that the time has been turned back 15 years: its the wild days of PHP all over again!
Backend code mixed with frontend code, templates mixed with business logic mixed with data access ... all in the same file ... what happened? Is the React community crazy? Or did they just miss the "clean web architecture" that we developed during the last decade to get away from "spaghetti PHP"?
In this talk we develop a deeper understanding of the concepts of React Server Components:
  • We learn that React Server Components are much more than traditional "Server Side Rendering".
  • We learn that React Components is foremost about RPC, enabling frictionless communication between Backend and Frontend
  • React Server Components are rethinking "Separation of Concern" outside the boundaries of "Frontend vs Backend"
  • React Server Components enable the proven composability-model of React components but spanning across Frontend and Backend
Jonas Bandi
IvoryCode GmbH
Jonas Bandi is a freelance developer, consultant and trainer. His current passion is bringing modern front-end development to traditional enterprise projects.
Coming from a Java & .NET background he is now primarily working with JavaScript, Angular & React. Jonas is currently building the web-stack for a leading wholesale supply company in Switzerland.
In the past years he shared his knowledge in dozens of in-house workshops at companies all over Switzerland. Jonas is also a lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences (BFH) in Bern.