Is your application landscape getting fragmented because you’re using a specialist solution for document, graph, and relational workloads? Is getting the big picture difficult because you can’t easily aggregate information across the various different sources? Is maintaining a fleet of different services hard work and resource intensive?
Wouldn’t it be nice if instead of maintaining specialist solutions you could find a simpler way? Maybe a modern relational database management system can help-after all, they have been a lot more capable than storing rows in tables for a long time.
Take the popular document model for example. This talk covers the many ways to work for JSON, the lingua franca of exchanging and storing data these days. JSON, or JavaScript Object Notation has been an integral part of modern app development and it's hard to imagine a world without it. Modern RDBMS can store JSON in many ways, for example as columns in tables in a relational data model, or using the same popular APIs used by document databases. You will learn about both during this presentation, and even how to combine the best of both worlds in your applications.
At the end of the presentation attendees should have a better understanding of the capabilities of modern relational database management systems in the context of JSON processing, and how to use them to great effect.
Martin Bach
Martin is a Product Manager working for Oracle since December 2021, helping customers in Europe and around the world address their IT-related problems. Before joining Oracle he spend 8 years at @Enkitec. Martin is primarily interested in cloud technology, DevOps/Site Reliability Engineering, Continuous Integration and Deployment, and how to combine these to effectively work with the Oracle database engine.
In addition to his blog Martin published three well-received books about Oracle technology covering Real Application Clusters, Database Consolidation and Exadata. Martin is a former Ace Director and a regular speaker at international conferences where he enjoys exchanging thoughts and his experience with technology with the community.