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Maciej Walkowiak

Freelance Java consultant based in Berlin, Germany with a strong focus on Java, Spring ecosystem and AWS. Spring Cloud AWS project lead, open source contributor, author of several Java libraries simplifying working with Spring Boot.

Performance oriented Spring Data JPA & Hibernate
Conference (INTERMEDIATE level)
Hibernate - the most popular persistence technology for Java - also the most controversial one. Some people love it, some people hate it. No matter in which group you are, the chances you will work in Hibernate in at least one project are close to 100% - and you have no other choice than learning it. Not only the basics, but most importantly - how to leverage the power of Hibernate without sacrificing application and database performance.
In this session you will learn how to configure Hibernate and Spring Data JPA for efficient database connection management, what is a N+1 problem and how to solve it, how and when to use projections for fast data retrieval ... and more!