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Brian Clozel

Spring Framework, Spring for GraphQL and Spring Boot team member at VMware.

If you’re maintaining an existing web application, upgrading to the latest Spring version is not just about maintenance: it’s also an opportunity to hit that “refresh” button on your web stack and bring meaningful improvements to your developer experience and new value to your users. With the latest Spring Boot 3.2 version, the Spring team brings new possibilities to keep your app relevant and your development team happy, empowering you to carefully evolve your application:
  • Improve the runtime efficiency with Virtual Threads
  • Use a modern HTTP client API without learning reactive with the new RestClient
  • Leverage metrics and traces during production incidents
  • Manage and rotate TLS certificates with bundles and reloading 
  • Connect to external systems with Docker compose and Testcontainers
  • Get startup time improvements with AppCDS or Checkpoint Restore