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Oleg Šelajev

Oleg Šelajev is a head of developer relations at AtomicJar working on making local development and testing bring joy. Developer. Java Champion. Docker captain. 

Loves all languages. 

Does keeping the development environment on par with production make you learn random cloud-native tools, install k8s clusters, and hinder your productivity?
As a Java developer, you may already know Testcontainers and the API-centric approach to creating your infrastructure for development and CI. What would it take us to abstract away challenging distributed applications' concerns? 
This session will introduce you to Dapr, which provides standard application-level APIs to solve common distributed application challenges. 
Through several live demos, we'll show how we integrated Dapr with Testcontainers and how you can use them to develop and test cloud-native Spring Boot or Quarkus applications without requiring you to run Kubernetes. 
Ultimately, you'll learn how to use cloud-native tools in local development without slowing you down and how to seamlessly integrate complex tooling into existing Java applications.