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Oleg Nenashev

Oleg is a developer tools hacker, open source community builder and consultant currently working on Gradle. He is CNF/CDF Ambassador and a core maintainer in the Jenkins project where he writes code, mentors contributors and organizes community events. a CDF and CNCF ambassador. Oleg has a PhD degree in electronics design and volunteers in the Free and Open Source Silicon Foundation, and in a number of Ukrainian support and Russian anti-war organizations.

Automate your Changelogs with Release Drafter
Byte Size (INTERMEDIATE level)
[Almost] nobody likes writing documentation, and same for the changelogs! So, can we automate them and improve both user and developer experiences? Of course!
We will review the Release Drafter - a handy changelog automation tool for those who use GitHub or GitHub Enterprise. It can be used as a GitHub Action and can easily generate changelog drafts, using pull requests and labels as a foundation. Many advanced features are included, e.g. text formatting and substitutions, semantic versioning support, and management at the organization level. So let’s take this tool and configure it for a project together!
During the presentation we will also review the changelog automation examples from WireMock, Testcontainers, Jenkins and other open source communities. Those examples just need copy and paste.