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Myriam Jessier

Myriam Jessier is a technical marketing consultant. They bring creative solutions to prickly technical SEO problems. During the pandemic lockdown, Myriam enjoyed long romantic walks from the couch to the fridge (and back). Now, they live as a digital nomad with a new couch every few months.

Neurospicy: ADHD as a Competitive Advantage
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I picked a career that would enable me to thrive. This meant finding a job that would keep me on my toes and would make the best of my unique brain wiring. Working in tech is a great option for me and plenty others. I'd like to talk about how I embraced hyperfocus, unusual problem-solving and have leveraged ADHD as a substantial competitive advantage. Bottom line: I'd like to share some tips for folks with ADHD and some key processes to collaborate with team members that may be ADHD. This talk could also maybe trigger a lightbulb moment (Oh! I may have ADHD).