Speaker Details

Christian Wörz

Christian is a fullstack engineer with over a decade of experience in coding. He started his professional journey by developing applications in Java and later joined the dark side by also using Typescript to create the corresponding user interfaces also. Nowadays he codes mainly in Typescript, Java, Kotlin, and if necessary, JavaScript.

Besides his daily work as a freelancer, he also enjoys teaching others by giving courses or attending conferences as a speaker and listener.

He always strives to improve his knowledge in all areas of software engineering and loves to write software that users love.

Get ready to embark on a journey into the depths of TypeScript. We'll be exploring the often overlooked, yet powerful, features that lie beneath the surface of this versatile language.
But we're not just talking theory here – this exploration will be a hands-on experience. Each feature will be brought to life through real-world examples, all done in a live coding session. Join in as we shine a light on these secret TypeScript treasures and discover how they can elevate your coding skills to new heights.Recursive types, type permutations and a css validator written in typescript are just three of the cool topics we are going to cover during this talk.