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Join us on a journey into the heart of Lugano, where the city's visionary approach has given birth to MyLugano, an award-winning wallet that leverages blockchain and a local stablecoin to reward those who buy and sell in the city. Discover how these innovations are shattering barriers, making cryptocurrency user-friendly and accessible to all. Dive into the technical wizardry behind their development and get a glimpse of what the future holds. Ready to dive in?
Jan Trautmann
Lugano Living Lab
Jan Trautmann, Digital Innovation Lead at Lugano City and Lugano Living Lab: 
Jan is the driving force behind the MyLugano App, managing all aspects, from technical implementations to marketing.
Gianluca Perletti
Original (Noku)
As the CTO at Original, I am dedicated to driving technological innovation in the cryptocurrency and Web3 sectors. With a deep passion for blockchain technology, I lead our dynamic tech team in developing cutting-edge solutions that push the boundaries of decentralized networks, NFTs, DeFi, and beyond. My primary focus is on steering the technical direction of the company, emphasizing robust security measures, scalability, and a user-centric approach in all our initiatives, with a particular emphasis on AI projects. I am committed to exploring the intersection of artificial intelligence and blockchain to create pioneering solutions that elevate our presence in the rapidly evolving landscape of emerging technologies.