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Voxxed Days Ticino 2024


Mark the date: 19th January 2024

We are excited to be back and collect another success for Voxxed Days Ticino. After the big return for VDT last year, also the 2024 edition will be highlighted by a big return to the Palazzo dei Congressi in Lugano. You will have the chance to share knowledge and learn about some fascinating new ideas from the best international speakers.

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Selection of the speakers will be announced in the speaker’s section



How-to guides, tools, and techniques for developers to craft exceptional architectures. Share your firsthand experiences from the field to illuminate what proves effective and what doesn’t.


Java as a platform: Java language, JVM (languages), frameworks, standards, and performance optimization. Server-side and microservices frameworks such as Spring (native), Jakarta EE, reactive frameworks, ORM, MOM, Quarkus, Micronaut, and more.


Distributed ledger technologies, smart contracts, DApps – share your insights into building, scaling, ensuring privacy, optimizing, and more.

Mind the geek

Developer delights: exploring topics of personal interest beyond the workplace – robotics, biological computing, cybernetics, emerging technologies, tomorrow’s Innovations.

Build & Deploy

Contemporary operational considerations, encompassing build pipelines, orchestration, observability, monitoring, resilience, and compliance, reflecting the software realm’s adoption of DevOps and cloud-based delivery.

People & Culture

Enhancing personal growth, leadership, work practices, mental health, diversity, inclusion, and developer culture.

Data & AI

Methods, libraries, frameworks, and cutting-edge approaches for big data, (No)SQL, machine learning, deep learning, and the broader field of data science.


Encryption, defensive strategies, tools and technologies for security, testing and more for ensuring safety.

Development Practices

Focused on achieving tasks effectively. Covering methodologies, improved practices, testing, and tools.

Web & UI/UX

Exploring UI/UX, front-end languages, frameworks and architectures, featuring technologies like Angular, React, Vue, Blazor, Svelte, along with best practices in SCSS.


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All workshops will take place on Thursday 18th of January from 13:00 until17:30 at Campus EST USI/SUPSI, Via la Santa 1, Lugano-Viganello.

Seats are limited!

Measuring Quality of Design

Speaker: Venkat Subramaniam

Before spending substantial effort in refactoring or altering design, it would be prudent to evaluate the current quality of design. This can help us decide if we should proceed with refactoring effort or a particular alteration of design. Furthermore, after evolving a design, using some design metrics would help us to evaluate if we have improved on the design front. In this workshop we will learn about some critical qualities of design and how to measure those. We will learn about these by working through some example code, refactoring it, and evaluating the design again at each stage of refactoring.

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EventStorming Big Picture Workshop

Speakers: Marco Consolaro e Alessandro Di Gioia

We are putting business, software, and user experience experts on the same page!In this four-hour workshop with Alessandro Di Gioia and Marco Consolaro (who collaborates with Alberto Brandolini), we’ll practice the Big Picture EventStorming applied to a real-world greenfield business scenario. We will consider the different perspectives (including the facilitator) in a process that spans large-scale discovery to leverage collaborative design. We’ll experience the how, and we’ll discuss the why.At the end of this workshop, you will be able to enable a Big Picture Eventstorming in your company!No prior experience with EventStorming is needed.

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Measure, don’t guess: a real-world benchmarking story

Speakers: Mario Fusco e Francesco Nigro

How many times have you implemented a clever performance improvement, and maybe put it in production, because it seemed the right thing™ to do, without even measuring the actual consequences of your change? And even if you are measuring, are you using the right tools and interpreting the results correctly? During this workshop we will use a real-world example, the new virtual threads friendly Jackson objects pool used in Quarkus, to demonstrate how through incremental steps we measured and improved its performances in a highly concurrent environment. We will illustrate how we used JMH for this purpose, explaining why it is the only reliable tool to be used when benchmarking Java applications, how to avoid the most common pitfalls and how to leverage its features to develop meaningful and useful benchmarks.

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Sviluppo di Smart Contract in Solidity su EVM: Approfondimenti Tecnici e Pratici

Speakers: Joy Bordini e Gianluca Perletti

Partecipa a questo workshop tecnico focalizzato sullo sviluppo di smart contract in Solidity su EVM. Rivolto a sviluppatori con varie competenze, il workshop si concentrerà sugli aspetti tecnici e pratici per sfruttare appieno le funzionalità di 3achain.Durante le 4 ore di sessione, affronteremo inizialmente le basi di Solidity, con particolare attenzione agli elementi cruciali per i principianti. Successivamente, esploreremo scenari avanzati, analizzando le best practices per la progettazione e l’implementazione di smart contract sicuri ed efficienti.In aggiunta, approfondiremo le funzionalità base offerte dalla blockchain 3achain, offrendo un’analisi dettagliata delle peculiarità di questa piattaforma. Preparati per un’immersione tecnica in uno degli aspetti più complessi e rivoluzionari della blockchain, arricchendo le tue competenze nello sviluppo di smart contract su 3achain.


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