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Wasmer Things: An Upside-Down Guide to WebAssembly
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As a developer, you may have heard about WebAssembly already:

  • as a Web developer, you may have learned how Wasm plugs into your own ecosystem
  • as a backend developer, you may know that it is somewhat similar to the .NET CLR or the JVM;
  • as a systems developer, you may know that it is a compilation target of your favorite C/C++ or Rust toolchain.

Well, this talk is for all of you!

Countless tutorials are available on the Web to build your first executable, but have you ever tried digging beneath the surface? Join me for this talk and learn more about the WebAssembly specification from the Upside-Down, lower-level perspective of a compiler enthusiast; and discover why more and more projects are making Wasm their sandboxed, memory-safe runtime environment of choice!

Edoardo Vacchi

During my PhD I researched language design and implementation at University of Milan. I have worked at UniCredit Bank’s R&D department, and at Red Hat on Drools and Kogito. Today I have joined Tetrate where I work on the Wazero WebAssembly runtime.