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How can you even dream of an agile process if you don't fix the deal with the customer?
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In most teams trying to work in an agile/lean way, we are doomed from the beginning. We work on a fixed deadline, fixed budget, and fixed scope, while someone keeps questioning all of our technical choices and doesn't understand why you are refactoring code rather than delivering new features!

We can't be agile if we work with a traditional agreement. How can we deliver more value, continuously adapt to circumstances, make the best of the feedback we collect, and, in the end, earn more money if we still agree on working with the wrong premises?

We should stop working this way, but we can only make it if we stop agreeing to work the wrong way. This, in turn, requires understanding the needs of our customers that must be addressed to let them refrain from interfering with our job.

In this session, I will provide a systemic view of the principles allowing us to design knowledge work contracts that will unleash our freedom and our customers' chance to get what they really want!

Jacopo Romei

I have been paid for coding since 1996, which led me to create three IT companies: I destroyed two, the third was a success.

I fell in love with lean and agile methods in 2003 and have advocated for better software development and knowledge work practices since then.

Before and after getting hired by eBay in 2012, as a freelance I worked for many European firms, including Amazon, Siemens, FAO, Lavazza, and Innoleaps.

I currently help companies develop their products in conditions of uncertainty, either in the start-up scene or in corporate venture building.

I love 3D printing & coding robots, sailing, gliding, and, recently, making cider.