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Delve into the gender-biased dynamics of leadership, uncovering how an empathetic, facilitative approach can dissolve the UX vs. Product standoff. Discover the power of dialogue, alignment, and a shared vision to harmonize your product roadmap and create a strategy that speaks to both business goals and user needs.
Emilia Ciardi
Emilia is a software engineer with a focus on mobile gaming technologies and a long time experience leading cross functional teams. Working on a wide range of projects, from aerospacial software to e-learning and multimedia applications, she specialized in User eXperience design, graphical user interface and usability. She has a passion for videogames and over the years has developed several mobile casual games, using almost any tool at hand. Emilia currently lives in Lugano and works at IGT, gathering an in-deep knowledge on math models for the design of gambling and casino games.