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Pushing documentation (so it doesn't hurt anymore)
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We all love to put technology in place so it works, solves problems and eases somebodies live (or at least their job). But at some point the solutions created will be at risk to cause problems instead of solving them - and happy are those who find some useable documentation to the rescue! What makes good documentation? How much documentation is enough? How can we create useful documentation while we code? How can we integrate documentation into our dev-toolchains? 

Let's discuss these and more questions and find out how to put a checkmark to "docs" on out project's bucketlist with a smile 🙂

Markus Schlichting

Markus is a Senior Software Engineer and Architect working for Karakun. He's spend most his time so far in building solutions for desktop, web and mobile and has become passionate about open source software and team culture. He loves to deliver working, beneficial solutions.

Markus organizes the Hackergarten in Basel and loves to contribute back to the open-source community. His community activities also include speaking at conferences and publishing articles.

In his sparetime, he likes to take photos, to spend time with his family and to ride his Motorbike to get some freah air.