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The community is unanimous, `PostgreSQL` become the `Linux` of the database, for the sake of all 🚀!
And this because this Database engine has some fantastic features to solve complex problems very simply!
Come to discover in this presentation the most useful tricks to avoid you having to code everything from scratch in your app 😅
We will detail standard features of the SQL world that are not well-known, as well as PG-specific features that make it an exciting SQL engine 🔥.
And finally, we will explore available PostgreSQL "distributions", because in this field, there are plenty of choices, whether it's for on-premises or scalable in the cloud ☁️.
Kevin Davin
Google Developer Expert on Google Cloud & Kotlin, Gitlab Hero, I am above all passionate about tech, languages, infrastructure, and automation.
On a daily basis, I work with languages such as Kotlin, Java, SQL, and YAML. 
Leveraging the power of the Google Kubernetes Engine and GitLab's Continuous Integration, I deploy and manage applications seamlessly.
I am an ardent advocate of agility and DevOps, and I had the privilege of guiding teams in adopting these principles successfully.
From code quality analysis to unit or end-to-end tests setup all the way to continuous deployment and operation, I ensure a project's journey from inception to production is smooth and efficient.
Currently, I serve as a Software Engineer at Gradle, focusing on the development of Gradle Enterprise. This groundbreaking product enhances developer productivity by reducing build and test times, while also providing valuable insights into all aspects of the development process."