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How to Empower your DevOps Initiatives with a PlatformOps Approach
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PlatformOps has spread with the increasing popularity and increasing use by companies of the DevOps methodology. This approach aims to simplify the processes involved as the DevOps practices in use by the company increase, allowing developers to focus on application development, rather than internal processes and tools, in order to always offer a better service to its customers.  

But how can you do this? In order to scale the use of the DevOps methodology and retain the related knowledge, it is essential to rethink the structure of the DevOps teams: DevOps practices must be thought of as products and services of which the application development teams are users.  

The essence of the PlatformOps approach is precisely this: by using this method and creating a real dedicated team (the PlatformOps team), companies are able to provide a self-service platform that allows their developers to develop code in a way that fast, reliable and safe. At the same time, this ensures that best practices, governance and access to the latest technologies are integrated.  

With the use of PlatformOps, companies have the ability to scale the DevOps capabilities of their development teams and, very importantly, they are able to create and maintain a real DevOps culture within themselves that they can make available to their people. 

Diego Braga
Krateo PlatformOps

Diego Braga is Product Manager at Krateo PlatformOps. Diego has spent last 10 years building open source architectures for customers, from embedded devices to large scale distributed systems. Most recently he has been focused on the open cloud infrastructure space, and in emerging patterns for cloud native applications.