Speaker Details

Luca Molteni
Red Hat
Luca Molteni is a Principal Software Engineer working for Red Hat on Business Automation. In Red Hat, he contributed to the evolution the open source Rule Engine called Drools to prepare it for the cloud era and to make it faster. He believes that open source drives innovation, promote community development, and empowers individuals.
In this session, we will explore how seemingly insignificant and often overlooked details in our code can significantly impact software performance, especially regarding concurrency. A two-decade-old JVM bug, initially discovered within Quarkus, is not a concern limited solely to low-level programmers; instead, it is a potential issue that could affect any codebase. 
We will provide a comprehensive explanation of this problem, detailing how we identified and successfully addressed it in Drools, one of the most widely-used rule engines in the Java ecosystem. We will also introduce specific tools that every developer can employ to enhance their code's performance. Lastly, we’ll analyze the new features of Java 21 to see if they’re affected by the same problem.