Announcement on Voxxed Singapore 2020
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Delayed due to COVID-19

June 5th 2020

Conference start date To Be Confirmed

Voxxed Days Singapore 2020


Mark the date: Friday, June 5th, 2020!

Voxxed Days Singapore returns the 4th time on June 5th, 2020.

For the 3rd edition of Voxxed Days Singapore, attracted 500+ attendees who came together in 2019 to meet and listen to fantastic content. Get an impression and watch the VDZ19 videos on youtube.

You find our past editions here: VDZ 2019 VDZ 2018 VDZ 2017

Special thanks goes to our great Program Committee and speakers for this success. You can see feedback and comments on Twitter and get updates on Voxxed Days Singapore 2020 by following us @VoxxedSingapore.

What's On?


Inspiring and thought provoking, keynotes are delivered by respected industry leaders at the opening and closing each conference day.


45 minute sessions on a range of different technologies, practices and methodologies.


120 minute sessions designed by speakers for our audience to learn and share on a particular subject.


Venkat Subramaniam
Matt Raible
Josh Long

Our Topics

Java Language, Java SE, JDK, performance tuning, modularity, etc…

Cloud, Terraform, Ansible, Kubernetes, Docker, Istio, PaaS and Serverless.

Big Data, Fast Data, NoSQL, Machine learning, Deep Learning, Neural Networks, TensorFlow, etc.

Web frameworks, performance and accessibility, languages and tooling to build modern browser apps.

Developer candy: stuff we want to know about but don’t (generally) do at work – robotics, biological computing, cybernetics, AI, new toys & tomorrows world.

Other languages running on the JVM, functional, mobile and emerging languages. The tools, libraries and best practices.

Java EE, Jakarta EE, EE4J, Spring, appservers, databases, MOM, batch processing & related JSRs.

How-Tos, strategies, tools, techniques and best practices for getting architecture right.

Software development methodologies, developer culture and related subjects.

Encryption, defensive practices, tools and technologies to be secure.


Blind bird tickets (Closed)

Our blind bird at an extremely low price for our faithful believers and supporters.

No refund
  • Available until Jan 15th, 2020
  • Coffee, snacks and light lunch for the whole day

Early bird tickets (closed)

Our early bird at a low price for our early adopters.

No refund
  • Available soon after "Blind Tickets"
  • Coffee, snacks and light lunch for the whole day

Standard tickets (closed)

Our standard ticket price for those who want to wait for the full list of speakers first.

No refund
  • Coffee, snacks and light lunch for the whole day

Group & Student tickets (closed)

If you want to buy more than 10 tickets or you are a student, we will give you an attractive price, please contact us

No refund
  • Coffee, snacks and light lunch for the whole day
  • For students, please share with us a copy of your current (2020) student id with picture in the request

Who we are

Since 5 years we work with Singapore meetups, Global and local experts to bring you the best developer conference in Singapore

Michael Isvy
Puneet Dewan
Stephane Martins
Simon Jaillais
Simon Jaillais
Jerome Bourgeon