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Kaspar Manz

Tamedia AG

Kaspar works at the intersection of thoughtful design, elegant code and captivating storytelling. As part of the digital storytelling team at Swiss news publisher Tamedia he designs and programs award-winning interactive visualisations and multimedia projects for news websites like tagesanzeiger.ch, bernerzeitung.ch or 24heures.ch using modern web technologies.

"You have 1 messages": How to (Correctly) Turn Data into Language

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Modern Web

Combining numbers and strings is deceptively simple to do in JavaScript. However, once you actually want to do it in a way that is grammatically correct and in several languages, what starts out as a simple one-liner quickly turns into a tangled mess of conditions several levels deep.

Creating interactive visualisations in both German and French at a large news publisher, and with eagle-eyed copy editors breathing down our team's necks we had to find an efficient way to turn data into beautiful, grammatically correct language.

Luckily, a lesser-known browser API provides solutions to handle these problems, and some additional libraries help us to augment it even further – so that the "1 messages" becomes the correct "1 message" again.

Scheduled on Tuesday from 12:10 to 12:30 in Room 8

Frontend Development