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Aiko Klostermann


Aiko works as a consultant and developer for ThoughtWorks. He is passionate about data science, software craftsmanship, clean code, and infrastructure engineering. While working with clients he focusses on improving the development process and code quality of the teams he's working with. Nowadays working in Singapore, Aiko has previously worked with clients in Germany, the UK and India as well. He leveraged Artificial Intelligence to help clients gain a competitive advantage. Recently his focus moved onto infrastructure development for building (data) platforms to better enable client teams.

Consumer Driven Software Development

Byte Size
Methodology & Culture

Not another one of these * Driven Development, you say? This one is different, I promise!

Writing good Software is difficult!
It is mentally exhausting!
Programmers need to make decisions all the time: Should I write a comment here? Does this function belong to another class? What should the test name be?
In this talk I propose a mindset that lets you make better, more reasonable decisions more easily. I’ll be using examples from daily development life situations that show the effectiveness of Consumer Driven Software Development and by itself are already worth applying.

TL;DR: Write better software more easily with this easy trick! Software development coaches hate him!

Scheduled on Tuesday from 12:40 to 13:00 in Room 8

Software Development
Development Methodologies