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Michael Malcharek

Collabree AG

I'm a passionate software developer and former software architect at Digitec Galaxus. I discovered the world of informatics at an early ages when i tried to win a browser game by automating crucial steps. Ever since i keep myself in shape not only programming wise but also by being an enthusiastic team sports player and kite surfer.

Startup Architecture – How much “it depends”?

As a software architect we put our focus on a clean and state-of-the-art architecture to be prepared for the future and to be able to scale for an ever-increasing number of employees and even more customers. On top of that, the architecture should be and remain maintainable, secure and fault tolerant. 


Through my 5-year background as a software architect at the largest online retailer in Switzerland, I have learned how to implement the above-mentioned points, such as maintenance and security of a system, in a well-established company. With the knowledge I learned in the past years, I have now founded my own startup in the healthcare industry and I am now the only software engineer and software architect in my new company. Despite my experience, I often ask myself: How does a sustainable software architecture for a dynamic startup with an unclear future look like? 


In my talk, I want to speak about my experiences in transferring my knowledge from a big architecture with multiple teams to something considerably smaller and encourage software engineers to be more fearless with their technical choices. 

Domain Model
Business Domain
Lean Startups
Design Patterns