Ionic All In One Workshop


The aim of this workshop is to teach attendees how to take advantage of the Ionic Framework and the Ionic Cloud tools to develop multiple Ionic applications. Over the course of this workshop, attendees will gain a great understanding of Ionic and its capabilities.

There will also be a section that focuses on the Ionic Pro (Formerly Ionic Cloud) tools.

The latest flavour of Ionic, version 3x is the version that will be the basis of this workshop. Briefing on version 4.0 is also part of this course as it will make you aware of what to expect and ensure you are prepared for future-proof changes.


The format for this workshop will be a bite sized recipe which means that attendees will end up with multiple applications that each focus on solving a specific problem which they can build on beyond the training.

For example, one of the apps will be an Instagram clone which will show them how to use the camera to take photos. Another will be a music player which will teach attendees how to play native audio.


  • An introduction to Ionic and Hybrid development
  • Ionic Fundamental Crash Course
  • Working With Ionic Components
  • Testing In Browser
  • Navigation With Ionic
  • Lazy Loading With Ionic
  • Consuming REST APIs
  • Extending To Desktop Support With Grid
  • Customising & Configuring an Ionic app to fit your brand
  • Working with Device Features
  • Configuring Local Builds
  • Using Ionic Cloud Tools With Ionic Pro
    • Previewing App Without Building View App
    • Updating App Without App Store With Ionic Deploy
    • Building In The Cloud With Ionic Package
    • Monitor App With Ionic Monitor
  • Unit Testing Briefing & E2E Testing
  • Best Practices Roundup

Supplementary topics (if enough time)

  • Working With Databases
    • Firebase
    • Cloudant
  • Working With Progressive Web Apps

What you’ll need:

  • A Linux, OSX Or Windows laptop
  • An IOS or Android device

Prior Knowledge

  • Good HTML, CSS & ES6 JS
  • Basic Typescript
  • Basic Angular Knowledge
  • Basic Command Line Usage
  • NPM Familiarity


Sani is the founder of Haibrid, a London-based consultancy that offers Ionic training & consultancy. Sani is also the co-organiser of Ionic UK & has spoken about Ionic on 4 continents. A published book author, Sani also recently created the first Ionic 3.0 course online VIA Lynda.COM. When he is not doing geeky stuff, he enjoys food tourism & paddle boarding on the ocean.

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