Terms of participation

Informations about event reservation.


The attendance fee for Voxxed Days Trieste is paid in relation to activities, events, and schedules detailed here.

During the completion of their registration, participants will be required to provide a means of payment. Payment for event reservations can be completed online during the registration process, using a valid credit card. A VAT invoice will be generated.

Registration fees can be refunded by contacting the organizer at [email protected] by the 30th of April 2024.

The organizer has the right to make amendments to the program of activities and schedules for organizational and other reasons. In the unlikely event of Voxxed Days Trieste being canceled, registration fees will be returned. No other claims against the organizer are valid. If the organizer needs to delay the conference, registrations will remain valid.

All attendees, by completing a registration purchase or having a registration purchased by a third party on their behalf, agree that they will help to encourage a safe and respectful atmosphere at Voxxed Days Trieste and be bound by the Code of Conduct. Participants must refrain from engaging in illegal activities of any kind, and understand that they are solely responsible for their actions during Voxxed Days Trieste.

Participants will be provided a badge when they first enter Voxxed Days Trieste, which acts as their means of entry into the venue and session rooms. For security reasons, participants must retain the badge at all times during their visit to the conference and may be requested by onsite staff to show this. Failure to present a valid badge may result in ejection from the venue. The badge will contain the participant’s name, company name, and QR code, which includes information about them, namely Name, Company & Email Address. By allowing any of the Voxxed Days Trieste sponsors to scan the QR Code on their badge, the participant is opting into receiving further communication from that sponsor.

Participants further understand that photos and movies may be taken during Voxxed Days Trieste, which may include them. These photos and videos may be used on the Voxxed Days Trieste website, Voxxed website, and other related websites, social media, streaming sites, and associated publications. Participants agree that their image and voice may be included in such videos, movies, and recordings.