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Killing the Dinosaur: A migration story

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At the beginning, it was Katch.

In the life of every software engineer, there’s a time in which you have to face a monster. These monsters can be of different kinds, but here I would like to focus on one type in particular: legacy products!

Taking a real example, we’ll go through how my and my team’s personal nightmare, something called Katch, was born, grew and evolved into something similar to a hydra.

And also, how we defeated Katch. And how we’re making sure everything goes well, before its replacement, Skan, will become someone else’s monster.

Because it. Will. Happen.

Marco Denisi


Hello! I’m Marco, a software engineer based in Lecco, Italy who enjoys building things and solving problems. I usually work on backend systems, designing APIs or studying the best way to orchestrate services.

I’m currently part of the engineering team at Klarna where I work on a variety of projects mainly with Java and Python.