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Edoardo Dusi
Edoardo is a Developer Relations Engineer at SparkFabrik, a company that helps organisations build digital products with open source technologies. He has a strong software developer and team leader background, working on various projects and platforms. He is passionate about creating and sharing content that educates and inspires other developers, such as tech talks, videos, podcasts, conferences, and more. He enjoys connecting with the developer community and promoting the benefits of open source software.
In this talk, we're going to have a little fun with the React community by revealing a secret: React has always had a plan to eliminate PHP from the world, and now we see the final superweapon! We'll dive into the world of React Server Components, exploring their origins, their impact on web development, and the obvious similarities between this (relatively) new pattern and PHP.
Through a technical exploration, we'll compare and contrast approaches to rendering, data handling, and more. We'll attempt to demystify hydration, server-side rendering, and bundling, and provide a comprehensive overview of these key concepts in web development.
We'll also reveal the fierce resistance of a group of veteran PHP developers nostalgic for the Empire who are standing up to the React Republic!
This talk aims to be an educational journey through one of the newest React patterns, revealing its similarities to one of the oldest languages on the web.