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Katarzyna Dusza
Katarzyna is a Senior Software Engineer with over 9 years of experience passionate about software architecture, building high-quality solutions and solving exciting challenges. She has worked for various organisations across different domains including e-commerce, health care, fintech and B2B. As a former Kubernetes trainer, conference speaker and blogger, she truly believes that knowledge sharing helps us become stronger professionals. In her free time, she paints and plays board games. Currently, she is working at Spotify on the SDK that powers Spotify player on the Web.
Modern & secure adaptive streaming on the Web
Conference (BEGINNER level)
Media streaming is ubiquitous... We listen to our favourite songs while running, or sitting on the train. We are absorbed by audiobooks written by our favourite authors. We watch TV series or movies with our family and friends. Media streaming is everywhere.. Nowadays, with the increasing number of devices and content, providers must keep pace and provide the most efficient and smooth playback to all users, no matter where they are, no matter what devices they use. They also have to stay compliant, so that no content can be distributed without producers' consent and knowledge.
In this talk, we are going to learn how to stream media on the Web. We will learn about the common technologies such as segmentation, adaptive bitrate (ABR) and DASH protocol used to provide an efficient and smooth playback. We will look into details of how decrypting licensed content works thanks to Encrypted Media Extensions (EME). Last but not least, we will see all of these in action, during the demo, at the end of the presentation.
If you are interested in learning how the world's biggest streaming companies stream their content, join me for this session.