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Margherita Bonetto
Solutions Architect at AWS. A tech enthusiast since university, working on DevOps teams for years. Also very active on diversity, equity and inclusion topics, especially to reduce the gender gap in STEM and the IT world.
Chaos Engineering: Why Breaking Things Should be Practiced
Conference (INTERMEDIATE level)
Main Room

"Everything fails, all the time" this quote from AWS CTO, Werner Vogels, says the simple truth. So, how to prevent outages? Chaos engineering is the process of stressing an application by creating disruptive events: the aim is to create the real-world worst conditions needed to uncover the hidden issues and performance bottlenecks. In this session, we have a deep dive into availability and large-scale architectures and make an introduction to chaos engineering, and how to build more resilient systems. Don't miss the demo: we will leverage on AWS Fault Injection Simulator to break our microservices system!