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Omar Diop
Passionate Software Engineer with a strong background in technology and a desire to constantly learn, grow and share.Omar has always been fascinated by technology since a young age and aspired to turn his passion for programming into a career.At the same time, he has a strong passion for marketing, funnel optimization, product development, and business.He dedicates a portion of his time experimenting with new solutions in these areas on projects that interest him.
Join me for a 4-year retrospective as we explore the lessons learned from building a video player from scratch with React Native. I'll share insights, pitfalls, and key takeaways from this development journey.
We'll explore essential considerations before diving into custom video player development with React Native, including challenges like background audio management, platform nuances between Android and iOS, subtitles implementation and custom controls.
Whether you're a seasoned developer or new to React Native, this retrospective will help you navigate the challenges we faced when developing a video player, ensuring a smoother development process for your own projects.