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Maya Shavin
Maya is an accomplished Senior Software Engineer at Microsoft, with a unique blend of an MBA, M.Sc in Computer Science, and a BA in Economics. Specializing in the web development, her skills stretch across TypeScript, Vue, React, CSS, and more. Beyond coding, Maya shines as an internationally recognized speaker and published author, advocating passionately for web development, UX/UI, Accessibility, and robust coding standards. As a core maintainer of StorefrontUI, an e-commerce framework, she prioritizes delivering performant and accessible components while emphasizing the importance of solid Vanilla JavaScript knowledge.
Are we React-ing wrongly?
Conference (BEGINNER level)
Everyone thinks he/she knows how to use React well, me included. But even React docs is only 90% completed, how can we be so sure we understand all the use cases each React feature is for?
Do you know how to use useMemo, useCallback or useEffect correctly? Do you know what use cases these hooks are designed for and that complications it can bring to your codebase in long run?
This is not a talk about best practices. It's about findings and lessons learned after working and debating about using React daily.