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Antonio Dell'Ava
eDreams ODIGEO
Antonio is a frontend developer who tirelessly tries out new technologies, seeking the best possible solutions. He was born in the Southern Alps and has a background as an interaction designer, although he has always loved to code. He defines interfaces and develops their behaviour, starting from a user-centred perspective. He is interested in agile methodologies and loves to participate to the community as a speaker or as event organizer @M.U.G. (Marca User Group). He is also a bikepacker and always ready for a ride.
Getting Started with Architectural Decision Records (ADR)
Conference (INTERMEDIATE level)
In the ever-evolving landscape of software development, making sound architectural decisions is crucial for long-term project success. Architectural Decision Records (ADRs) provide a systematic approach to documenting, communicating, and evolving these decisions. This talk delves into the core concepts of ADRs, guiding you through the process of implementing and utilizing them effectively. We'll explore the benefits of ADRs, including fostering transparency, promoting collaboration, and ensuring traceability of architectural choices. Additionally, we'll discuss the ideal scenarios for leveraging ADRs to empower your development team and optimize your software projects.