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Marco Denisi
Hello! I’m Marco, a software engineer based in Lecco, Italy who enjoys building things and solving problems. I usually work on backend systems, designing APIs or studying the best way to orchestrate services.I’m currently part of the engineering team at Klarna where I work on a variety of projects mainly with Java and Python.
Killing the Dinosaur: A migration story
Conference (INTERMEDIATE level)
Main Room

At the beginning, it was Katch.

In the life of every software engineer, there’s a time in which you have to face a monster. These monsters can be of different kinds, but here I would like to focus on one type in particular: legacy products!

Taking a real example, we’ll go through how my and my team’s personal nightmare, something called Katch, was born, grew and evolved into something similar to a hydra.

And also, how we defeated Katch. And how we’re making sure everything goes well, before its replacement, Skan, will become someone else’s monster.

Because it. Will. Happen.